Unsecured Personal Loan – What Does It Mean?

What are title loans? If you are looking at getting a vehicle refinance but need some extra cash to pay for it, then a title loan may be for you. A title loan is simply a type of unsecured loan where borrowers can apply for a loan using their car title. Borrowers are required toContinue reading “Unsecured Personal Loan – What Does It Mean?”

What is a Car Title Loan?

A title loan is often confused with an auto-secured loan, but they are very different. Auto-secured loans are made based on the borrower’s credit score and lack of down payment. Title loans are based on the borrower’s vehicle title and often include fees and interest. DescriptionA title loan is essentially a form of secured short-termContinue reading “What is a Car Title Loan?”

Car Title Loans – How to Lose Your Car Title

DescriptionA title loan is an unsecured form of personal loans in which borrowers are able to use their car title as security. Borrowers need to first allow a bank to put a lien on the car title, and then surrender the clear title of the car title to a loan amount offered by the lender.Continue reading “Car Title Loans – How to Lose Your Car Title”

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